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Are you confused when it comes to makeup?

Are you unsure of what products to use?

Where and how to apply them?

Or maybe, you're new to the industry and need some guidance?

Cosmetic Products

Duration: 2-2.5 hours | Cost: $250

Location: Nhi's Home Studio, Thomastown

Nhi looks at your makeup bag and brushes to see if you're using the right products

Nhi will demonstrate her technique on one side of your face and you will get a chance to recreate the steps on the other side, where Nhi can provide guidance and improvements on your technique.

You'll leave with notes and a list of products and most importantly, skills to perfect you own face or enhance your makeup artistry techniques.


Duration: 2.5-2 hours | Cost: $360

Location: Nhi's Home Studio, Thomastown

If you are a seasoned pro, sign up for Nhi's advanced lesson, where Nhi will cover her techniques by working and guiding you through step by step on a model.

Blush Shades
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