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1. Booking Fee

The booking fee, as specified in the contract, is a non-refundable payment. This fee covers administrative costs, correspondence, and ensures that the artist reserves the specified date for the client while declining other booking inquiries. In the event of the client canceling the makeup artist's services for their wedding, the booking fee cannot be transferred to an alternative date or refunded. The deposit is non transferable for any circumstances.


2. Payment of Final Balance

a. The final balance for makeup services is to be paid in full on the day of the wedding, if paying in cash.

b. If the client opts for payment via bank transfer, payment must be made at least one week prior to the wedding and no later than 48 hours before the wedding. 

c. In cases where additional services are requested on the day of the wedding, the final balance is subject to change based on the scope of these additional services and will reflect the most current and updated prices at the time of change.

d. To ensure efficient timing, the final balance must be settled before makeup services are initiated on the wedding day. The makeup artist does not accept separate payments; therefore, it is the client's responsibility to ensure that bridesmaids, mothers, or other guests have the exact cash required, which should be placed in the same envelope if they are individually responsible for their payments on the day.


3. Cancellation

a. In the event of the client canceling their wedding, the booking fee remains non-refundable and cannot be transferred to an alternative date or service.

b. If there is a reduction in the number of individuals receiving makeup services within 90 days of the wedding, the booked spot must be filled to avoid a fee of $50 charged, per person reduced from the original booking. 

c. In the case of a 'bridal booking,' if the bride is no longer a part of the booking, the booking fee is forfeited and booking is canceled.

d. If the initial booking includes an assistant, this means a deposit has been paid to the assistant to reserve them for that date, that fee is also forfeited in the event of cancellation.


4. Allergies

Clients are required to inform the makeup artist of any pre-existing skin conditions or allergies before the wedding day. The makeup artist is willing to use the client's products if they have a history of sensitivity to certain brands. However, the makeup artist shall not be held liable or responsible for any skin complications or allergic reactions that may occur during or after the makeup application.


5. Photos

a. Any photos taken by the makeup artist on the day of the wedding may be used for the makeup artist's own promotional purposes on their website or social media platforms, unless a different arrangement has been agreed upon by both parties prior to the wedding date.

b. The makeup artist encourages clients to share professional photos from their wedding and invites them to send these photos via email for the makeup artist's records and promotional use.

By submitting a deposit for the booking, referenced in contract, the client acknowledges that they have read, understood, and agreed to the terms and conditions outlined above. Failure to comply with these terms may result in the forfeiture of the booking fee and additional charges as specified.

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